Last week was a busy one and I didn’t get the chance to post my weekly meal plan – although we were still on point. We got to enjoy our first weekend of the year at our beach house and that changed up our routine some. But we still stuck to our menu for the week and even took the fresh items in our fridge along with us and made a very delicious impromptu lunch upon arrival. It’s hard sometimes to commit to your plan even when your week is offered a break from the norm – and heaven knows I have forgone a meal planned for a weeknight when we get the last minute invite to a dinner party or when friends pop in unexpectedly. There’s nothing wrong with that! But I do feel a secret bit of satisfaction when I stick to my guns – especially when there is the temptation to sneak out to a favorite lunch or dinner spot “just because”.



At the end of last week my family finally ate our way through the majority of reserves and it was the longest stretch we’ve ever done! I didn’t spend more than $40 a week on fresh produce, meat or dairy for the past 3 weeks (excluding my pre-paid CSA). It may seem totally absurd to dance a jig over such things, but that is half the reason I love this meal planning thing so much! Today I spend $129 at the grocery store on staples and a few splurge items since we have out of town company staying and I’m trying out a few recipes. I stocked up on ~$45 of meat and poultry at the market and that about did it for the week (and part of next week, too). Not too shabby.



Tried and True Recipes:


This week I’m making (again!) the Red Roasted Pepper Chicken from Everyday Maven because it truly has become a favorite and I LOVE roasting the peppers myself in the oven – the smell is too much to handle. I have a friend in town who is working on meal planning and I had to introduce her to this easy favorite.


The butternut squash soup I’m making is actually a version of the Pumpkin Carrot soup I guest blogged on Everyday Maven last fall. This recipe is pretty close to the original I modified and when I saw the butternut squash at the farmer’s market Saturday I couldn’t resist. That will be the perfect meatless meal this week.


New recipes I’m trying:


I’ve been craving Pho, but in Easton, MD it’s hard to come by. Actually, it doesn’t exist. So I’m trying a non-paleo version of this one as my “splurge” dinner – and because it claims to be quick.


I picked up a beautiful top round roast and Thursday is jam PACKED – perfect night for a slow cooker meal. This time I’m making this Beef with Fennel and Onion recipe and I am almost smell the aromas now! I can’t wait to open my door at the end of a long day of filming and toddler soccer practice and throw that down on my plate!

Also – my husband has been itching to get at the grill so we decided to do a traditional Balitmore style Pit Beef sandwich which I’m totally excited about.


What are you cooking this week?? I want to hear about it!