This page is a short stop for all my weekly favorites (as in, this happens in my kitchen every single week – no exceptions) new cooking inspiration, local and unique finds for the kitchen and more! I hope you will love these links too!



Our weekly staple recipes:



These recipes are my essentials and get cooked up every week in my house. They are the building blocks for many dishes and/or are simply just things I can’t live without. No matter what, I make sure to plan ahead to ensure we are always well-stocked of these homemade items.



Homemade Chicken Stock


Uncle Bill’s Dutch Oven Beer Bread


Homemade Ricotta Cheese


Locally made products that are always in our pantry (you can order them online and have them in yours too!)



Tessamae’s All Natural Dressings: http://www.tessemaes.com/


Rise Up Coffee Roasters: http://riseupcoffee.com


Cleo’s Fine Oils: https://www.cleosfineoils.com


My go-to sites for recipes: