If there’s one thing I have come to know about food blogging is that their community is unbeliveably supportive and full of talent. Everyday I come across another great blog and wonderful personality that I tuck away in my “favorites” tab. It has been so refreshing to enter this world-of-blog as a complete and total novice and be embraced by some very established bloggers and welcomed into the community. Which is why I jumped on the opportunity to be a part of the Food Blogger Cookbook Swap, hosted by Alyssa of and Faith of!  



The basic idea here is that everyone can use a little new inspiration now and again. Lord knows I have shelves upon shelves of cookbooks and quite frankly some of them are collecting dust. Not because they don’t have great recipes within, but more often it’s that I have my favorites ones already memorized or maybe some of them focus on a cuisine or technique I’m not all that into trying at this stage in my life. A cookbook and it’s immediate value have a lot to do with where you are in your life in the kitchen – what you’re interested in tackling and tasting. So, in my opinion, this cookbook swap is just about the coolest things ever! I send a cookbook from my shelf to another blogger and then I get one in return – along with a big fat dose of inspiration!




Now, the idea here isn’t to send the dustiest book off to free up space in your cabinet. We take a look at our partner’s blogs and send something that fits their style. It’s a brilliant idea, actually. And not only do you get a cool new set of recipes but you also get a great connection with a new blogger friend!


There is also another component of this swap that I truly value -  and that is the experience of flipping through an actual book. We are bloggers. We post recipes onto the internet. People read them on their computers, mobiles devies, tablets. I will be the first to admit that I fully endorse online recipe sharing (obviously) and the convenience that affords us is immeasurable. But sometimes there is nothing like the smell of paper and the feel of a page between your fingers.


The book that was sent to me was A New Turn in the South, a book by James Beard Award winner Hugh Acheson, that flips southern food on it’s head and uses all fresh ingredients. This book couldn’t be more up my alley – and I’m already salivating over the gorgeously styled editorial spread of food that will surely be influencing my photos in future posts. I cannot wait to get into this book and test some of these recipes!





I want to thank Marianne & Kate of The Whole Family’s Food for sending this incredibly thoughtful book my way – giving me a fresh taste of their region’s cuisine! If you enjoy my blog you will absolutely love theirs – a beautiful farm-to-table focused blog that drives home the importance of gathering with family in the way of great food! Make sure you check them out along with the other fantastic bloggers who participated in this swap (listed below). And last but certainly not least – a huge thanks to Alyssa and Faith for organizing this swap! I can only imagine that it took a ton of work and commitment to make this so very successful. Thank you for always working to bring the blogging community even closer together!

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