I love the moment I enter the kitchen to prepare a meal for my family. It’s my time to pour a glass of wine and stir, knead, slice, chop. To create something artful for art’s sake! My love of Food & Family is what inspired me to create this blog. Food as art, as a pastime, as a thing that brings people together. My family is the single most important thing to me in my life and feeding them well is a passion. It used to be that putting delicious and wholesome food on the table was sometimes easier said than done. But after 3 crazy years of adjusting to life as a mom and running a business, I learned that a focus on my community, locally farmed products and a well-thought out plan is the way to success. That’s what I hope to share with you here – all the smart decisions I make week in and week out that keep my love of food alive.
Through a simple meal-planning strategy, a smart shopping routine and educating myself about my local farms and purveyors, I have figured out how to have my cake and eat it too. I can be a busy mom on the go and still have a farm-to-table approach to my home kitchen. And if that is important to you too- I hope you’ll find some gems in following along on my journey!
So welcome to Olive and Herb – where the Art of Food is truly balancing a commitment to quality, farm-to-table cooking, and a planning strategy that will keep your wallet happy and your bellies full of goodness. It’s staying true to the values of providing wholesome, responsibly farmed food for your family by planning ahead with smart strategies. It is an honest journey that revealing how your love of food can travel beyond the plate to your local purveyors, farms, and providers – and why that is so important. It is about learning to celebrate food again! So please, explore the recipes, the stories and the experiences! And above all – make your own!

* Photo Credit Bolig Photography